Professional Big Wave Surfer Lucas Chumbo gets towed into a huge wave.

After an impressive ride, Chumbo exits the wave successfully and waits for his team mate Ian Cosenza (on the jetski) to pick him up before the next waves rolls in. This wave was not the last on the set, a bigger one approaches, so the rescue needs to be done quickly as Chumbo is now on the inside, which is the most dangerous spot in Praia do Norte, also known as the impact zone. 

After this incident, both surfers returned to the outside and they were catching waves on the very next set, this kind of live threatening situations are considered “business as usual” for them.


Copyright © 2019, Pedro Miranda, all rights reserved

Surfer: Lucas Chumbo (BR)

Jet Ski Rescue: Ian Cosenza (BR)

Location: Praia do Norte, Nazaré - Portugal

Date: 2019.Nov.20


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