Billy Bass

If you miss the dulcet voice of Big Mouth Billy Bass fish, listen up. There's a restaurant where a school of Billy Bass will serenade you with "Take Me to the River" and other classic hits.

Block Club Chicago reports that the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Bucktown, IL, is decorating their wall with the famous animatronic -- in droves. The Club plans to mount up to 60 Billy Basses on their wall and sync them together to perform yacht rock songs.

Club co-founder Ashley Albert says the idea came from a brainstorming session on what to do with one of the empty walls.  Soon, jokes about the singing animatronic fish came about.

Once Albert found it is possible to wire the plastic fish to sing whatever song one desired, she was sold.  The Club put out an APB asking the public if anyone still held onto the iconic singing fish, and donations started pouring in.

Among the Billy Basses, staff members also found some rare variations like a catfish, lobster, great white shark, and a Christmas Billy Bass.

The collection of fish will serenade guests with hits from Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, Hall and Oates and many others who produced breezy hits in the '70s.  

The Club plans to have the finished product installed by September 28.

In other news

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