You know the saying about an apple a day keeping the doctor away?  Turns out there might be some truth behind it after all.

A new study, published in Nature Communications, finds that if you want to live longer, an apple and hot cup of tea will go a long way.  That's because they're both rich in flavonoids, AKA "plant-derived polyphenolic compounds," which have an-antioxidant effect on the body.

Researchers from Edith Cowan University’s School of Medical and Health Sciences studied diet data of over 50,000 Danish citizens over the past 23 years.  Lead researcher Dr. Nicola Bondonno says that those who regularly ate flavonoid-rich foods had a reduced risk of cancer and heart disease. This effect was also seen in those who smoked cigarettes or drank more than two alcoholic drinks a day.

Bondonno says, "These findings are important as they highlight the potential to prevent cancer and heart disease by encouraging the consumption of flavonoid-rich foods, particularly in people at high risk of these chronic diseases."

The study recommends consuming 500mg of flavonoid-rich foods a day. If apples and tea isn't your thing, the study also highlights oranges, blueberries, and broccoli as acceptable substitutes.

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