Santa Alexa

Amazon is helping to ramp-up the Christmas excitement this year by playing a daily message from Father Christmas to little ones who talk to Amazon Alexa.

Because when asked “how many days until Christmas?” they will be told the answer and then asked by Alexa: “Would you like to hear an update from my good friend Santa?” A message from the big man himself then plays with a jolly tone that is sure to build festive spirit over the next four weeks. In the message he promises future updates and explains how he is preparing for his busiest day of the year.

He was heard saying: “Ho ho ho, I'm so looking forward to Christmas.I will be starting my daily Christmas update very soon so make sure you come back if you love Christmas, come back tomorrow for another Christmas update.” The Skill is the Christmas Countdown Skill where children can ask Alexa how many days until Christmas.

In other news

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