Dave grew up out in the country in upstate New York in the heart of Dairy country but somehow ended up here in Nebraska!

"Midway" won the box office battle over the weekend, although it only made $17.5 million. The three other new movies also made the Top Four: "Doctor Sleep", "Playing with Fire", and "Last Christmas" . . . all of them making between $11.6 and $14.1 million.

Back on November 2nd in the early morning hours at a Waffle House in Birmingham, Alabama one lone employee was trying to hold down the fort as a couple of fellow employees didn't show for their shifts.

Are you like me and haven't started thinking about buying your gifts for the holidays yet . . . sadly we're not going to be able to avoid it much longer though.

This is just neat. Watch this Beluga Whale playing fetch with a rugby ball, celebrating South Africa Rugby World Cup Victory close to the South Pole!

In San Antonio, Texas there is an auto mechanic named Albert Brigas. He's worked as a mechanic most all of his life, but he's ready to retire now. The 68-year-old Vietnam Vet just had $5,000 left to go on to pay off his home mortgage. And as soon as that's paid off, he's outta there.

Here's a 15-second video of a really good optical illusion.  It's a guy placing an armchair on a sidewalk. The chair looks like it's made of wood or metal.  And when he tries to sit down he lands on one of the arms. 

If you remember that last year Jimmy Dean made us look at wrapping paper in a whole new way . . . remember the SAUSAGE-SCENTED wrapping paper they came up with?

Apple dropped the first official trailer on Wednesday for Servant, a new Apple Original series from Glass, Split and The Sixth Sense filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan.

This is the kind of story I really enjoy sharing. Jayson Gonzalez and Krispy Kreme got things ironed out.

For his 60th birthday, because beloved custodian Mr. James is deaf, the kids at Hickerson Elementary knew they had to do more than sing “Happy Birthday.” They learned how to sign it. 

So nearly three years after his death, George Michael has a posthumous single called “This Is How (We Want You to Get High)." The track will be released as part of the soundtrack to the upcoming movie Last Christmas.

Get ready because it's back again! As we know Pringles has gotten in on Thanksgiving for the past few years by jamming all sorts of different holiday food flavors into their chips.   

This is why you need to be aware of your surroundings at ALL times!! A 20-year-old woman was taking photos with her mom at the Grand Canyon . . . when she lost her footing on a ledge and almost fell. 

We've talked about a four day work before and how it could be beneficial. As you know Microsoft boasts cutting-edge technology for business. There are workers everywhere hoping that the company breaks new ground by implementing a four-day workweek.

Wednesday while on the road a Glendale couple was surprised when they hit something in the road and then discovered an owl was stuck in the front grill of their car.

"Terminator: Dark Fate" got good reviews from critics and fans, but it definitely wasn't the box office draw that a lot of people expected and the "Hollywood Reporter" says it's on track to LOSE $120 million. 

Liam Gallagher was on hand and performed as part of the 2019 MTV EMAs in Seville, Spain, while there he took the opportunity to revisit the Oasis hit “Wonderwall” alongside his recent solo track “Once.”

Those who are familiar with paddling Nebraska’s rivers may be acquainted with many of the small, often temporary, islands that inhabit the waterscape.

A Connecticut family was surprised when a jury duty summons arrived in the mail bearing the name of their son -- who is only 10 years old.

Cardinal Gibbons High School’s very own dance and cheer teams put on quite a show at the 2019 homecoming pep rally with a Disney-themed dance with special guest, Father Rivera!

I totally understand why the people at Mountain Dew revealed this now. But it's also the one week of the year when this flavor is available everywhere for free.

The movie Fight Club is one that Edward Norton can’t escape. He stopped by The Late Late Show where he gets roped in to a fight club run by host James Corden, who tries to convince the actor that he’s going to love it.

People like to use the excuse that they don't time to exercise, but a new study proves the opposite: you are more than likely wasting workout time by staring at your smartphone.

Show of hands, how many people remember the Woodstock 50th anniversary show that never happened because it fell apart? Well, at least there is one good thing that came from it.

So Jimmy Fallon battled his Tonight Show guest Emma Thompson in a segment called “Random Instrument Challenge.” In the challenge, Fallon and Thompson took turns selecting a number from the game board and then attempted to play a basic song on an instrument for the Roots to guess.

Well we are less than 2 months away from the appearance of the ol' elf on your shelf. But if his/her presence doesn't fully fill your elf and/or shelf needs this Christmas I have some great news, the brand is expanding.

With Halloween approaching later in the week, CandyStore.com just released its annual study on the most popular Halloween candy in every state . . . and the results REALLY may surprise you.

While opinions certainly differ on this, a ranking of the worst Halloween candy from the folks at CandyStore.com puts the lowly -- some might say underappreciated -- candy corn on the top of the list.

In Toledo, Ohio Christy Limauro purchased an old family Bible at a library book sale, she was intrigued when she found a small brown card tucked inside.

This happened back on October 1 in Dryden, Ontario, Canada. A trucker on Highway 17 had a moose pop up in front of his truck and hit it, but it was okay.

A Jeep in Phoenix went barreling through a red light at an intersection just as a couple with a stroller were crossing the street.

This is something LOTS of people have wanted to do to those telemarketers. Recently one was filmed at a call center dialing the phone and asking to speak to Tess. (He's reading the name from a piece of paper.)