Listen for details. Play to qualify. Must be 21 or older. Click for more info.

Winter Rescue played Monday-Friday:

  • 6:40 a.m.
  • 8:40 a.m.  
  • 3:40 p.m.
  • 5:40 p.m.  

Grand Prize drawing December 7th @ Flooring Solutions in Norfolk. Prizes include:

  • Vic's Engine Service Simplicity 1024 Dual Stage snowblower.

  • Flooring Solutions $500 gift certificate.

  • Wetzel & Truex Jewelers $500 gift certificate.

  • Johansen’s Greenhouse & Nursery $500 gift certificate.

  • Lot 279 $500 beef gift certificate.

  • QHA Cleaning $400 carpet or upholstery cleaning.

Check in begins at 9:00 a.m. Drawing at 10:00 a.m. You must be present to win. Prizes have no cash value. Read rules PDF for complete details.

Qualifiers to date:

Kevin Johnson  NORFOLKNE68701On air qulifier
Cassie Hill  StantonNE68779Texting 10-21-19
Tanya Sharples  TildenNE68781Texting 10-22-19
Sharon Pint  PierceNE68767Texting 10-22-19
Justin Tillotson  TildenNE68781On-Air Qualifier 10-23-19 6:40am
Chris Collins  NorfolkNE68701Texting Qualifier 10-23-19
Mindy Evans  OsmondNE68765ON-AIR QUALIFIER
Jeannie Rosen  CREIGHTONNE68729On-Air Qualifier 10-24-19
Matt Mescher  AlbionNE68620Texting Qualifier 10-24-19
Gwynn Widhalm  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 10-24-19
Craig Christiansen  CreightonNE68729On Air Qualifier 10-24-19
Monte Hefner  LaurelNE67845On-Air Qualifier 640am 10-25-19
Kris Guthard  PetersburgNE68652Texting Qualifier 10-25-19
Alec Hrbek  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 10-25-19
Roger Dvorak  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 10-25-19
Jane Koehler  NorfolkNE68701 On-Air Qualifier 10/28/19 6:40am
Marge Leach  PierceNE68767On Air Qualifier 10-28-19
Cheryl Wiperling  NorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 10/29/2019 6:40am
Deb Vesely  NorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 10/28/19 8:40am
Troy Johnson  WausaNE68786On Air Qualifier 10/29/19 
Joni Johnson  WausaNE68786On Air Qualifier 10/30/19
Amy Branz  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 10/30/19
Neil Keohler  NorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 10/31/2019
Deb Hilkeman  NorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 10/31/2019
Shana Halsey  NorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 10/31/2019
Chase Potts  NorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 11/1/19 8:40am
Kathy Arends  NorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 11/4/2019 6:40
Carol Neilsen  NorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 11//4/2019 8:40
Jason Judt  NorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 11/4/2019
Anna Nunez  PilgerNE68768Texting Qualifier 11/4/2019 **
Pat Kallhoff  BloomfieldNE68718Texting Qualifier 11/1/2019 **
Dayna Busch  NorfolkNE68701Texting Qualifier 10/31/2019 **
Ann Barry  Battle CreekNE68715Texting Qualifier 10/30/2019 **
Justin Charron  NorfolkNE68701Texting Qualifier 10/29/2019 **
Deb Sedlacek  PierceNE68767Texting Qualifier 10/28/2019 **
Michelle Schmidt  NorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 11/5/2019 6:40
Bill Westcott  NorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 11/5/2019 8:40
Ray Arends  NOrfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 11/5/2019
Rick Renner  Battle CreekNE68715On-Air Qualifier 11/6/2019
Pat McCollough  NorfolkNE68701Texting Qualifier 11/6/2019 **
Susan Beckman  CreightonNE68729Texting Qualifier 11/5/2019 **
Sandy Walker  NorfolkNE68701Texting Qualifier 11/7/19**
Steve Haase  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/7/2019
Derek Price  PierceNE68767On Air Qualifier 11/7/2019
Chad Taake  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/7/2019
Ann Barry  Battle CreekNE68715On Air Qualifier 11/8/2019
Josh Kounovsky  PlainviewNE68769On Air Qualifier 11/8/2019
Heather Claussen  CarrollNE68723On Air Qualifier 11/8/2019
Kacey McManaman  NorfolkNE68701Texting Qualifier 11/8/2019**
Tom Clarkson  VermillionSD57069Texting Qualifier 11/11/2019**
Barb Pruesker  Battle CreekNE68715On Air Qualifier 11/11/2019
Robert Hank  CarrollNE68723On Air Qualifier 11/11/2019
Shiela Stahl  Battle CreekNE  68715On Air Qualifier 11/12/19
Bernie Ruskamp  PilgerNE  68768Texting Qualifier 11/13/19**
Katie Yonker  CreightonNE68729On Air Qualifier 11/12/2019
Julie Oltjenbruns  OsmondNE68765On Air Qualifier 11/13/2019
Brittany Maroney  NorfolkNE68701Texting Qualifier 11/13/2019
Kelly Kautz  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/13/2019
Tom Schmidt  OsmondNE68748On Air Qualifier 11/13/2019
Tim Braithwaite  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/14/19 
Chris Pospisil  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/14/2019
Lisa Schultz  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/14/2019
Dave Robinson  NorfolkNE 68701On Air Qualifier  11/15/2019
Heath Mettler  Battle CreekNE68715Texting Qualifier 11/14/2019
Tessa Anson  PierceNE68767Texting Qualifier  11/15/2019
Clayton Scheffler  NorfolkNE.68701On Air Qulaifier 11/15/2019
Briana Arends  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/15/2019
Kevin Gannon  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qulaifier 11/18/2019
Carol Leikhus  HowellsNE68641Texting Qualifier  11/18/2019
Pam Henrichson  Battle CreekNE68715On Air Qualifier  11/19/2019
Samantha Sears  HartingtonNE68739Texting Qualifier 11/19/2019
Weldon Zetf  CreightonNE68729On Air Qualifier 11/19/2019
Alex Mutschelknas  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/19/2019
DeAnn Wecker  Elgin NE68636On Air Qualifier  11/20/2019
Rita Hoctor  NorfolkNE68701Texting Qualifier 11/20/2019**
Wanda Kramer  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/20/19
Jackie Kleinschmit  YanktonSD57078On Air Qualifier 11/20/19
Linda Martinez  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qulaifier 11/21/2019
Karla Jensen  HoskinsNE68740Texting Qualifier 11/21/2019**
Jennifer Osweiler  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/21/2019
Jackie Angel  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/21/2019
Sabrina Charron  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/21/2019
Nick Abler  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/22/2019
Jason Ternus  HadarNE68701Texting Qulaifier 11/22/2019***
Dawn Collins  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/22/2019
Marilyn Wagner  NorfolkNE 68701Texting Qualifier 11/25/2019**
Jay Pobanz  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qulaifier 11/25/2019
Myra Ramirez  PierceNE68767Texting Qulaifier 11/25/2019**
Michael Wirges  Meadow GroveNE On Air Qualifier  11/26/2019
Fred Lyon  PierceNE68767On Air Qualifier 11/26/2019
Gloria Dennis  NelighNE68756Texting Qualifier 11/26/2019**
Devon Watts  HadarNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/26/2019
Justin Reese  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/26/2019
Cindy Hoffman  OsmondNE68765On Air Qulaifier 11/27/2019
Faith Breaker  VermillionSD57069On Air Qualfier 11/27/2019
Tracy Angell  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/27/2019
Andy Klawitter  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qulaifier 11/29/2019
Kay Carstens  PierceNE68767Texting Qualifier 11/28/2019***
Jim Lange  NorfolkNE68701Texting Qualifier 11/29/2019***
Tami Wuebben  YanktonSD57078On Air Qualifier 11/29/2019
Jessica Swantek  NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/29/2019

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