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Listen for details. Play to qualify. Must be 21 or older. Click for more info.

Winter Rescue played Monday-Friday:

  • 6:40 a.m.
  • 8:40 a.m.  
  • 3:40 p.m.
  • 5:40 p.m.  

Grand Prize drawing December 7th @ Flooring Solutions in Norfolk. Prizes include:

  • Vic's Engine Service Simplicity 1024 Dual Stage snowblower.

  • Flooring Solutions $500 gift certificate.

  • Wetzel & Truex Jewelers $500 gift certificate.

  • Johansen’s Greenhouse & Nursery $500 gift certificate.

  • Lot 279 $500 beef gift certificate.

  • QHA Cleaning $400 carpet or upholstery cleaning.

Check in begins at 9:00 a.m. Drawing at 10:00 a.m. You must be present to win. Prizes have no cash value. Read rules PDF for complete details.

Qualifiers to date:

Kevin Johnson750-75371603 Charlois DriveNORFOLKNE68701On air qulifier
Connie Johnson841-30221308 Lodgeview Dr.NORFOLKNE68701ON-AIR QUALIFIER
Cassie Hill402 840 2116400 8th StStantonNE68779Texting 10-21-19
Tanya Sharples402 649-5242305 N OakTildenNE68781Texting 10-22-19
Sharon Pint402 750-083054670  854th Rd PierceNE68767Texting 10-22-19
Nick Wolfe640-89681100 Blue Stem CircleNORFOLKNE68701ON-AIR QUALIFIER
Justin Tillotson402 851-045483924 Hwy 45TildenNE68781On-Air Qualifier 10-23-19 6:40am
Chris Collins402 640-8287115 HillsideNorfolkNE68701Texting Qualifier 10-23-19
Mindy Evans402-640-7433405 N. MapleOsmondNE68765ON-AIR QUALIFIER
Jeannie Rosen 1407 ClarkCREIGHTONNE68729On-Air Qualifier 10-24-19
Matt Mescher402 843-87351869 240th AveAlbionNE68620Texting Qualifier 10-24-19
Gwynn Widhalm402 640-26981001 N 7th StreetNorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 10-24-19
Craig Christiansen402-750-108452879 Hwy. 59CreightonNE68729On Air Qualifier 10-24-19
Monte Hefner402-375-109786928 567th AveLaurelNE67845On-Air Qualifier 640am 10-25-19
Kris Guthard402-750-4614202 W 8th StreetPetersburgNE68652Texting Qualifier 10-25-19
Alec Hrbek402-640-57821306 Galeta Ave. Apt. BNorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 10-25-19
Roger Dvorak402-640-55371609 E. Norfolk Ave.NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 10-25-19
Jane Koehler402-750-4554307 S. 17th St.NorfolkNE68701 On-Air Qualifier 10/28/19 6:40am
Marge Leach402-329-401284945 544 Ave.PierceNE68767On Air Qualifier 10-28-19
Cheryl Wiperling402-841-74381110 Rose LaneNorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 10/29/2019 6:40am
Deb Vesely402-960-3679810 South 6thNorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 10/28/19 8:40am
Troy Johnson402-373-269887854 547 Ave.WausaNE68786On Air Qualifier 10/29/19 
Joni Johnson402-373-269887854 547 Ave.WausaNE68786On Air Qualifier 10/30/19
Amy Branz402-649-2217810 S. 3rd St.NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 10/30/19
Neil Keohler402-640-1840 NorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 10/31/2019
Deb Hilkeman402-750-05621302 E. Ceder Ave.NorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 10/31/2019
Shana Halsey402-750-77962719 Harold CircleNorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 10/31/2019
Chase Potts402-649-9133122 Morning Side DrNorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 11/1/19 8:40am
Kathy Arends402-640-7293107 Prospect CircleNorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 11/4/2019 6:40
Carol Neilsen402-750-35145008 W. Sherwood RoadNorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 11//4/2019 8:40
Jason Judt402-649-98862702 Parkhill Dr.NorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 11/4/2019
Anna Nunez402-750-005883429 Highway 15PilgerNE68768Texting Qualifier 11/4/2019 **
Pat Kallhoff402-843-845154203 Highway 12BloomfieldNE68718Texting Qualifier 11/1/2019 **
Dayna Busch308-550-14381001 Blaine St.NorfolkNE68701Texting Qualifier 10/31/2019 **
Ann Barry402-750-5457102 S. 8th St.Battle CreekNE68715Texting Qualifier 10/30/2019 **
Justin Charron402-369-1210305 E. Braasch Ave.NorfolkNE68701Texting Qualifier 10/29/2019 **
Deb Sedlacek402-750-2977205 W. Lloyd St.PierceNE68767Texting Qualifier 10/28/2019 **
Michelle Schmidt402-992-26731110 Grant AveNorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 11/5/2019 6:40
Bill Westcott402-860-93383007 Mach 1 DriveNorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 11/5/2019 8:40
Ray Arends402-640-7293107 Prospect CircleNOrfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 11/5/2019
Rick Renner402-649-228954917 835thBattle CreekNE68715On-Air Qualifier 11/6/2019
Pat McCollough402-379-10763301 N. 37th St.NorfolkNE68701Texting Qualifier 11/6/2019 **
Susan Beckman402-360-02661204 Bryant Ave.CreightonNE68729Texting Qualifier 11/5/2019 **
Sandy Walker402 649-78254803 S. 13thNorfolkNE68701Texting Qualifier 11/7/19**
Steve Haase402 841-0265900 South 8thNorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/7/2019
Derek Price402-649-2549406 E. WillowPierceNE68767On Air Qualifier 11/7/2019
Chad Taake402-841-12822913 Pinnacle NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/7/2019
Ann Barry402 750-5457102 S. 8th StreetBattle CreekNE68715On Air Qualifier 11/8/2019
Josh Kounovsky402-640-9360207 N. 2nd St.PlainviewNE68769On Air Qualifier 11/8/2019
Heather Claussen402-250-0442860 31 Hwy 57CarrollNE68723On Air Qualifier 11/8/2019
Kacey McManaman4020640-8216306 South 11th StNorfolkNE68701Texting Qualifier 11/8/2019
Tom Clarkson402 649 0605833 East Duke Lot #17VermillionSD57069Texting Qualifier 11/11/2019
Barb Pruesker402 649-5256PO Box 245Battle CreekNE68715On Air Qualifier 11/11/2019
Robert Hank402-841-3468Robert HankCarrollNE68723On Air Qualifier 11/11/2019
Shiela Stahl402 675-333583456  Hwy 121Battle CreekNE  68715On Air Qualifier 11/12/19
Bernie Ruskamp402 841-237384279 571 AvenuePilgerNE  68768Texting Qualifier 11/13/19

In other news

"Midway" won the box office battle over the weekend, although it only made $17.5 million. The three other new movies also made the Top Four: "Doctor Sleep", "Playing with Fire", and "Last Christmas" . . . all of them making between $11.6 and $14.1 million.

Back on November 2nd in the early morning hours at a Waffle House in Birmingham, Alabama one lone employee was trying to hold down the fort as a couple of fellow employees didn't show for their shifts.

Are you like me and haven't started thinking about buying your gifts for the holidays yet . . . sadly we're not going to be able to avoid it much longer though.

This is just neat. Watch this Beluga Whale playing fetch with a rugby ball, celebrating South Africa Rugby World Cup Victory close to the South Pole!

In San Antonio, Texas there is an auto mechanic named Albert Brigas. He's worked as a mechanic most all of his life, but he's ready to retire now. The 68-year-old Vietnam Vet just had $5,000 left to go on to pay off his home mortgage. And as soon as that's paid off, he's outta there.

Here's a 15-second video of a really good optical illusion.  It's a guy placing an armchair on a sidewalk. The chair looks like it's made of wood or metal.  And when he tries to sit down he lands on one of the arms.