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Listen for details. Play to qualify. Must be 21 or older. Click for more info.

Winter Rescue played Monday-Friday:

  • 6:40 a.m.
  • 8:40 a.m.  
  • 3:40 p.m.
  • 5:40 p.m.  

Grand Prize drawing December 7th @ Flooring Solutions in Norfolk. Prizes include:

  • Vic's Engine Service Simplicity 1024 Dual Stage snowblower.

  • Flooring Solutions $500 gift certificate.

  • Wetzel & Truex Jewelers $500 gift certificate.

  • Johansen’s Greenhouse & Nursery $500 gift certificate.

  • Lot 279 $500 beef gift certificate.

  • QHA Cleaning $400 carpet or upholstery cleaning.

Check in begins at 9:00 a.m. Drawing at 10:00 a.m. You must be present to win. Prizes have no cash value. Read rules PDF for complete details.

Qualifiers to date:

Kevin Johnson750-75371603 Charlois DriveNORFOLKNE68701On air qulifier
Connie Johnson841-30221308 Lodgeview Dr.NORFOLKNE68701ON-AIR QUALIFIER
Cassie Hill402 840 2116400 8th StStantonNE68779Texting 10-21-19
Tanya Sharples402 649-5242305 N OakTildenNE68781Texting 10-22-19
Sharon Pint402 750-083054670  854th Rd PierceNE68767Texting 10-22-19
Nick Wolfe640-89681100 Blue Stem CircleNORFOLKNE68701ON-AIR QUALIFIER
Justin Tillotson402 851-045483924 Hwy 45TildenNE68781On-Air Qualifier 10-23-19 6:40am
Chris Collins402 640-8287115 HillsideNorfolkNE68701Texting Qualifier 10-23-19
Mindy Evans402-640-7433405 N. MapleOsmondNE68765ON-AIR QUALIFIER
Jeannie Rosen 1407 ClarkCREIGHTONNE68729On-Air Qualifier 10-24-19
Matt Mescher402 843-87351869 240th AveAlbionNE68620Texting Qualifier 10-24-19
Gwynn Widhalm402 640-26981001 N 7th StreetNorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 10-24-19
Craig Christiansen402-750-108452879 Hwy. 59CreightonNE68729On Air Qualifier 10-24-19
Monte Hefner402-375-109786928 567th AveLaurelNE67845On-Air Qualifier 640am 10-25-19
Kris Guthard402-750-4614202 W 8th StreetPetersburgNE68652Texting Qualifier 10-25-19
Alec Hrbek402-640-57821306 Galeta Ave. Apt. BNorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 10-25-19
Roger Dvorak402-640-55371609 E. Norfolk Ave.NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 10-25-19
Jane Koehler402-750-4554307 S. 17th St.NorfolkNE68701 On-Air Qualifier 10/28/19 6:40am
Marge Leach402-329-401284945 544 Ave.PierceNE68767On Air Qualifier 10-28-19
Cheryl Wiperling402-841-74381110 Rose LaneNorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 10/29/2019 6:40am
Deb Vesely402-960-3679810 South 6thNorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 10/28/19 8:40am
Troy Johnson402-373-269887854 547 Ave.WausaNE68786On Air Qualifier 10/29/19 
Joni Johnson402-373-269887854 547 Ave.WausaNE68786On Air Qualifier 10/30/19
Amy Branz402-649-2217810 S. 3rd St.NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 10/30/19
Neil Keohler402-640-1840 NorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 10/31/2019
Deb Hilkeman402-750-05621302 E. Ceder Ave.NorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 10/31/2019
Shana Halsey402-750-77962719 Harold CircleNorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 10/31/2019
Chase Potts402-649-9133122 Morning Side DrNorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 11/1/19 8:40am
Kathy Arends402-640-7293107 Prospect CircleNorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 11/4/2019 6:40
Carol Neilsen402-750-35145008 W. Sherwood RoadNorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 11//4/2019 8:40
Jason Judt402-649-98862702 Parkhill Dr.NorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 11/4/2019
Anna Nunez402-750-005883429 Highway 15PilgerNE68768Texting Qualifier 11/4/2019 **
Pat Kallhoff402-843-845154203 Highway 12BloomfieldNE68718Texting Qualifier 11/1/2019 **
Dayna Busch308-550-14381001 Blaine St.NorfolkNE68701Texting Qualifier 10/31/2019 **
Ann Barry402-750-5457102 S. 8th St.Battle CreekNE68715Texting Qualifier 10/30/2019 **
Justin Charron402-369-1210305 E. Braasch Ave.NorfolkNE68701Texting Qualifier 10/29/2019 **
Deb Sedlacek402-750-2977205 W. Lloyd St.PierceNE68767Texting Qualifier 10/28/2019 **
Michelle Schmidt402-992-26731110 Grant AveNorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 11/5/2019 6:40
Bill Westcott402-860-93383007 Mach 1 DriveNorfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 11/5/2019 8:40
Ray Arends402-640-7293107 Prospect CircleNOrfolkNE68701On-Air Qualifier 11/5/2019
Rick Renner402-649-228954917 835thBattle CreekNE68715On-Air Qualifier 11/6/2019
Pat McCollough402-379-10763301 N. 37th St.NorfolkNE68701Texting Qualifier 11/6/2019 **
Susan Beckman402-360-02661204 Bryant Ave.CreightonNE68729Texting Qualifier 11/5/2019 **
Sandy Walker402 649-78254803 S. 13thNorfolkNE68701Texting Qualifier 11/7/19**
Steve Haase402 841-0265900 South 8thNorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/7/2019
Derek Price402-649-2549406 E. WillowPierceNE68767On Air Qualifier 11/7/2019
Chad Taake402-841-12822913 Pinnacle NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/7/2019
Ann Barry402 750-5457102 S. 8th StreetBattle CreekNE68715On Air Qualifier 11/8/2019
Josh Kounovsky402-640-9360207 N. 2nd St.PlainviewNE68769On Air Qualifier 11/8/2019
Heather Claussen402-250-0442860 31 Hwy 57CarrollNE68723On Air Qualifier 11/8/2019
Kacey McManaman4020640-8216306 South 11th StNorfolkNE68701Texting Qualifier 11/8/2019
Tom Clarkson402 649 0605833 East Duke Lot #17VermillionSD57069Texting Qualifier 11/11/2019
Barb Pruesker402 649-5256PO Box 245Battle CreekNE68715On Air Qualifier 11/11/2019
Robert Hank402-841-3468Robert HankCarrollNE68723On Air Qualifier 11/11/2019
Shiela Stahl402 675-333583456  Hwy 121Battle CreekNE  68715On Air Qualifier 11/12/19
Bernie Ruskamp402 841-237384279 571 AvenuePilgerNE  68768Texting Qualifier 11/13/19
Katie Yonker402-851-33321208 Chase Dr.CreightonNE68729On Air Qualifier 11/12/2019
Julie Oltjenbruns402 640-9090PO Box 392OsmondNE68765On Air Qualifier 11/13/2019
Brittany Maroney402 649-40252304 N. Eastwood Lot 60NorfolkNE68701Texting Qualifier 11/13/2019
Kelly Kautz402-649-97103502 W. Prospect Ave.NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/13/2019
Tom Schmidt 102 E. Market St.OsmondNE68748On Air Qualifier 11/13/2019
Tim Braithwaite402-640-206484609 N. HWY 35NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/14/19 6:40
Chris Pospisil402-649-9385310 Kimberly WayNorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/14/2019
Lisa Schultz402-640-83381100 Southern Dr.NorfolkNE68701On Air Qualifier 11/14/2019
Dave Robinson402 750-1986808 South 8th StreetNorfolkNE 68701On Air Qualifier  11/15/2019
Heath Mettler402 640-3804703 S. BoyerBattle CreekNE68715Texting Qualifier 11/14/2019
Tessa Anson402 316-6879109 E WillowPierceNE68767Texting Qualifier  11/15/2019
Clayton Scheffler402 640-9043109 South 12thNorfolkNE.68701On Air Qulaifier 11/15/2019 

In other news

Alright so if you're a cat person, you'll love this: There is a guy out in Utah named Philip Rogich who's trying to help as many feral cats as he possibly can to make it through the winter.

Enjoy this funny video of a whimpering dog named Apollo, who's in front of the TV. The dog's upset because the show has been paused. But as soon as it starts back up, he's okay . . . until it gets paused it again.

Remember last week I was telling you about the Pringles  Thanksgiving meal kits? The ones filled with chips that taste like turkey, duck, chicken, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. 

Astronomers announced that they have spotted a star heading out of the Milky Way, this after an encounter with the super-massive black hole at the center of the galaxy.