In an effort to better determine the healthcare needs of the hospital service area, Providence Medical Center is conducting an area-wide needs assessment. The survey takes an average of 3 to 5 minutes to complete, and all responses are anonymous and people cannot be identified.

• To participate in the on-line survey here is the link to the English version:

• To participate in the on-line survey here is the link to the Spanish version:

According to Providence Medical Center CEO, Jim Frank, this survey “focuses on the challenges and issues facing households in our community, as well as the

strengths. We want to know what people are thinking and feeling.” The survey consists of 27 questions to obtain opinions of various needs and problems regarding healthcare. The completed assessment will determine the health needs of the area-wide community and from that information an implementation plan to meet those needs will be created. Once the survey is completed and tabulated, Providence Medical Center will publicize the results. All area residents 18 years and older are encouraged to participate in the survey to assist Providence Medical Center in planning for a healthier tomorrow.