‘Revelation’ to be presented at Grace Lutheran

Grace Lutheran Church in Norfolk will host “Revelation: The Book of Comfort” as part of its 2020 Lutheran Bible Institute in January.

The Rev. David Kipp will instruct this multi-faceted series that will run from 1:30 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. on three consecutive Sundays.

On Sunday, Jan. 5, participants will go through the introduction and learn the two sides of Revelation, the seven churches, the seven seals and the seven trumpets.

On Sunday, Jan. 12, participants will learn about the seven bowls, the binding of Satan, the Old Testament accounts of the last days, the gospel account of the last days and take a look at Genesis and Revelation.

On Sunday, Jan. 19, participants will learn about the 1,000 years of rapture, seven years of tribulation, the 144,000 and Armageddon. Plus, understanding the biblical timeline of events, the Day of the Lord and heaven will be addressed.

Admission is free.