A Daily News reader struck up a conversation with a reporter at the recent Norfolk Beef Expo, praising the Daily News for its expansive local news coverage while lamenting the fact that his hometown newspaper in South Dakota rarely had any local news.

Frankly, local news is our bread and butter. It’s something you’re not going to see on CNN or Fox News or in any national publications or websites. It’s what we do.

Over the past week, here’s a snapshot of what you may have missed if you didn’t pick up a copy of the Daily News or go online:

— Plans to revive a grocery store in Lynch and give residents a local shopping option rather than driving 13 miles to Spencer.

 The Norfolk Beef Expo featured wins by two cousins, part of the third generation in their family to show cattle.

 A peek inside Summerland Public Schools’ new facility in rural Antelope County for students from Clearwater, Orchard and Ewing.

 A sentence handed down to a juvenile involved in an attack on another teenager last February.

 The Norfolk Public Schools’ plan to increase wages, as well as selecting the newest board member.

 The Orphan Grain Train’s plans to bring 11 refugees from Afghanistan to Norfolk.

 The Norfolk Area Business Hall of Fame, sponsored by the Daily News and FNBO, welcomed three new inductees.

 The county and city finalize plans to merge their 911 dispatch centers in Norfolk.

And this doesn’t include all the local sports coverage the Daily News offers.

But we’re not here just to toot our own horn.

Now, in addition to the local news coverage provided by our team of reporters, we’ve added to our toolbox of offerings for readers.

In addition to stories from The Associated Press and other Nebraska newspapers, the Daily News is also collaborating with the newly launched Flatwater Free Press, an all-digital news outlet devoted to in-depth, engaging, high-impact journalism.

All of its stories will be distributed freely to media partners — including the Daily News — across the state. The new nonprofit organization also plans to collaborate with existing news outlets. Readers already have seen some of Flatwater Free Press’ initial work in the Daily News — including stories on vaccination efforts and unused eviction aid. As part of its launch, Flatwater Free Press also was in Norfolk last week for listening sessions around the city, looking for ideas for future projects.

This collaboration is just another way we seek to serve you, our readers, with information that is accurate, reliable and trustworthy.

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