Here we are only a few months into a new presidency and the road on which we’re traveling appears paved with indifference — placing in jeopardy the rights and freedoms that Americans have long taken for granted. We find ourselves treading down a dangerous path — seemingly content to shrug off the loss of everything America has stood for — permitting speciously contrived propaganda to pass largely unrebutted.

Hence, the toxic fabrication that both the cops and the country are systemically racist festers. For those who care to deal in facts (an increasingly smaller number nowadays), the statistics prove otherwise. (The lie is rooted in the crazed minds of Democrats and the corrupt national mainstream media.) Yes, racism does exist — sad and unwelcome in each instance regardless of perpetrator — but it’s not the whole.

Regrettably, unwarranted politics has a habit of stumbling into the room and tearing society apart. The result is that half of the country no longer trusts our institutions and the other half is bent on destroying them. The constitution is being shredded apace — first, by an administration that has no earthly idea what it’s doing, and second, by revolutionaries aiming to tear the country down and rebuild it into a socialist utopia.

Regarding the former, Joe Biden’s cognitive faculties look iffy at best — prompting reasonable people to question whether his actions (invalid executive orders not excepted) are being taken unilaterally or if unnamed others are pulling the strings, so to speak. Much of what has transpired hints of a third Obama term — same faces, same foreign policy blundering, same antipathy for law enforcement, same border tomfoolery, etc.

The recent Minnesota courtroom proceeding — a welcomed (just?) verdict on the one hand influenced by threatened mob violence (Maxine Waters incubated) on the other (providing legitimate grounds for appeal) that may be cause for undoing or negating the jury’s decision — does little to inspire confidence in due process. Oblivious, the president publicly backed the prosecution during the trial, thereby exacerbating emotions.

Ergo, what we’ve been witnessing since the incredibly destructive lawlessness of last summer is a lesson in regression now etched in stone. Radicalism works! Violence gets results! Mobs demand something and threaten violence if they don’t get it; and when they do, it turns out not to be enough, Within seconds, the “or else” ultimatums resurface. It’s a suicidal Catch-22 — a bona fide dilemma with scant means of escape.

Indeed, unripened minds and rational thought are antipodal — with any chance of “middle ground” equidistant between the extremes. So, too, are equality (which implies equal opportunity relative to achievement) and equity (which focuses solely on outcomes). Simply put, opportunity applied equals outcomes earned. That’s essentially the system upon which this country was founded. Personal responsibility supersedes government handover!

Frankly, what’s happening is the epitome of disease — a sick ideology warping the minds of America’s children by teaching them to hate themselves and everybody else — the police, their parents, etc. Instead of teaching kids to read and write and add and subtract and to think for themselves, we’re turning them into spiteful robots (at public schools still open, that is) by demanding that everything be viewed within the prism of race (Indoctrination 101).

Consider, if the subversive anti-American conversion now in progress (where all rules and principles are being thrown out by the left — consistent with the “fundamental transformation” goal dating to a previous administration) is allowed to continue, what chance do we have of preserving the things about the United States of America that actually matter?

In other news

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We recently observed the 77th anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Normandy. On that day, Operation Overlord began, launching the Allied invasion of Europe that would spell the beginning of the end of the Nazi regime.