Lee Hulm

Lee Hulm

No doubt you’ve heard of it. “Ignorance is bliss” is an insightful adage befitting a particular situation from time to time — in this case illustrating why a self-centered collection of NBA simpletons (Lebron James, Steve Kerr, James Harden, Gregg Popovich and Adam Silver, most conspicuously) are destined to live a long and happy life. Ill-taught? Uninformed? Inattentive? Heedless? Yup, all true!

Remarkably, their naivete appears limitless — given the foolish doubling down on initial knee-jerk utterances condemning Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey. The offense? He exercised his just claim to speak freely (commonly accepted as the most basic of all inherent entitlements accruing to American citizenship), tweeting support for Hong Kong freedom fighters whose human rights were being egregiously compromised.

Which had the uncharitable effect of sending the mental faculties (any trace that existed at least) of the afore-mentioned aggregation of slanted, narrow minds off the proverbial cliff. They became certifiably confused with their reckless verbiage — calling for the GM’s head on a platter (well, not really, but you get the idea). Here, consequently but not surprisingly, is what piqued their joyless emotional state.

China’s population represents a $10 billion industry for the NBA; hence, lucrative contracts (for shoes, jerseys, etc.) are covertly tied to the Chinese market. Any circumstance that might focus attention on the communist nation’s history of inhumane acts of barbarism against its own citizens is therefore construed as a threat to cushy NBA lifestyles (and also to the slavish affection fawningly displayed by adoring fans).

To the spoiled beneficiaries of this unobtrusive connection (strategically prevented from disclosure), the right of free speech — compulsively subordinate to dollar signs — is mysteriously subject to someone else’s control or authority. Hence, the self-righteous LA Laker James and his friends assume license to silence the voice of the “uneducated” Rockets general manager who merely exercised a personal privilege granted to all.

Appalling, isn’t it, that these self-same hypocrites —who have themselves been significantly advantaged by a constitutional republic that extends fundamental rights and liberties for all its citizens — unabashedly rail against their country (and the current oval office occupant, of course) at every imagined opportunity?

Biting the hand that feeds them? Beyond any doubt! The pretense of piety or moral superiority is sickeningly disgusting.

But, again an old saw is proven accurate. Politics (“greed,” euphemistically) makes strange bedfellows. Lest we forget, corporate giant NIKE (the same tenet bereft actor that caved to Colin Kaepernik’s protest regarding the Betsy Ross flag) is strategically positioned to negotiate profitable arrangements both for themselves and for clients of sorts. Conveniently, they are the authentic dexterous “globetrotter.”

So, here’s a reasonable question. Given the degree of contempt insultingly demonstrated for guaranteed foundational principles, the incredible disproportion between bloated player salaries and ticket prices, the frequency of on-court altercations where the game is more akin to all star wrestling than basketball, and NIKE’s part in the long standing $500 billion China trade imbalance with the USA, why would anyone patronize the NBA anyway?

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