Lee Hulm

Lee Hulm

OK, perhaps comparisons to the great Margaret Thatcher are a bit premature — given the esteemed international status achieved by the United Kingdom’s first woman prime minister. The daughter of middle class shopkeepers, she is commonly considered to be the most renowned British leader since Winston Churchill.

Governing as a “radical conservative,” she became a respected confidant for the great Ronald Reagan.

Still, Newsmax magazine’s (July 2020) reference to South Dakota’s Kristi Noem as “The Iron Lady Of The Plains” was indeed mindful of the most distinguished UK predecessor. Yes, Gov. Noem’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic effectively ushered her into the national spotlight posthaste. Contrary to methods modeled by blue state governors and mayors — her approach to decision making was both level headed and decisive ...

Which immediately put the governor at odds with mainstream media hacks whose predictable efforts (to discredit and embarrass her) proved futile.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow — known more for imbecilic mocking diatribes than for factual analysis-was no match for the Dakota lawmaker who calmly provided rational explanations for wise decisions. She remained steadfast in her trust of the state’s people to do the right thing.

Hence, there was no lockdown order, no duplicitous venturing into “essential business” hocus pocus, no stipulation that folks avoid going out in public, and no regulation that might infringe on either the state or national economy. Gov. Noem simply did what she thought was best for her South Dakota constituents ...

Which rekindled memories of former Republican governors Bill Janklow and George Mickelson, both of whom put the welfare of state residents above their personal political ambitions. Nevertheless, because she made bold, responsible decisions in a time of crisis — defying the corrupt national media in the process — her name will appropriately be front and center in anticipation of the 2024 Republican presidential sweepstakes.

Often citing common sense as an important characteristic of the state’s citizenry, Gov. Noem capitalized on her belief that South Dakotans have a tendency to see things as they are, which, if you’ll pardon the expression, implies that their (nonsense) detectors remain on high alert. They appreciate an authentic leader who walks her talk, so to speak, meaning what she says and saying what she means.

And if that sounds trite, so be it! The millions who tuned in to the Mount Rushmore spectacular on July 3 were privy to two tremendous addresses — one by President Trump and the preliminary by Gov. Noem. Both orations were on point — the best ever, to my mind — saluting the greatness that made America, stressing the need to stand strong in the face of evil, and extolling our history and values and culture.

In a recent card from Gov. Noem — one that I shall long treasure — she opined that I “have a gift for truth.” Similar sentiments were recently voiced by Con Marshall of Chadron, who richly deserves the title of western Nebraska’s foremost historian.

Ergo, what follows is fact, not conjecture! The 2020 election is a choice between civilization and anarchy. President Trump may be our last chance to save the country our ancestors created.

Yes, 2024 is a long way off and prophecy is useless. Will circumstance play a role in whether Gov. Noem returns to a national position in D.C.? Not unlike the steeled shopkeeper’s prodigy cited earlier, she has certainly been properly value programmed.

This rancher’s daughter has made her South Dakota family proud. Manifest destiny, you ask? Well, my sense is that fate is simply a just consequence for choices made.

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