Lee Hulm

Lee Hulm

Despite all the asinine ballyhoo by ultra-radical 2020 Democrat candidates espousing socialism, President Donald Trump’s July 4th “salute to America” from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial next to the national mall in D.C. evoked heartfelt emotions from millions of patriots who truly appreciate the monumental sacrifices necessary both for creating and for preserving our constitutional republic.

Indeed, “thank a veteran” should be the modus operandi for everyone in the presence of camo-clad heroes whose “country first” orientation supersedes personal ambition. Giving thanks where thanks is due should never be contrary to anyone’s values — recognizing, of course, that today’s millennial snowflakes (military recruiters are often banned from campus) seem to be short on gratitude and long on resistance.

Which may be consequential to the purging of historical factuality (related not only to our country’s founding but also to generations of impassioned fighters who gave their lives in the unending struggle for freedom) from school curriculums. Curiously, history, once a required component in every student’s general education timetable, seems to have passed its time of use or usefulness.

Isn’t it interesting, for example, that framed portraits of George Washington or Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin once adorned the walls of virtually every school house across the land, while nowadays those same representations are seldom seen, if not banished altogether? Proclaiming “liberty and justice for all,” the Pledge of Allegiance, too, was free from assault by today’s disordered quislings.

If that waxes nostalgic, so be it. Indeed, much has changed in recent decades — not all of it in the plus column. There was a time, for example, when young folks respected their progenitors (although few seem to recall when this was), when pride at being American was cause for celebration sans apology and when our nation’s flag would have reigned supreme over a hostile ex-athlete’s irrational gibberish.

Which nevertheless has succeeded in reducing the mental faculties of both Nike and NFL decision makers to pulpy mush — given the half-whited intermingling of sports and politics that has alienated millions of resolute compatriots consequently motivated to take leave of offensive offerings (including putting expensive memorabilia to flame). But, it doesn’t end there.

Mindlessly raining on her own parade (no pun intended), now comes a self-willed, crotch-grabbing, F-bomb dropping USA women’s soccer “heroine” who can’t help using her newfound fame to verbally attack the president and to run down her country (can’t bring herself to sing the national anthem, says she on fake news CNN). Talk about birds of a feather!

Sadly, such unbridled arrogance pompously and senselessly displayed dovetails with the mainstream media’s contemptuous attitude toward the military and law enforcement in general, which helps to explain why attacking their country with endless cheap shots is the predominant Democrat approach to the 2020 election. It also serves to prove President Trump right in saluting military heroes past and present.

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