Lee Hulm

Lee Hulm

Kudos to the South Philly gun shop owner (Firing Line, Inc., in Philadelphia) who exercised his right to defend himself and his inventory from armed thugs.

Insisting on looting his store after using bolt cutters to gain entry, the hoodlums (one of whom died after being shot) encountered a 67-year-old operator determined to protect the business he spent years creating. Save it he did — forcefully, responsibly and justifiably.

Indeed, he had little choice — given that Democrat officials (the governor, mayor, police chief) chose to ignore their sworn obligation to protect and defend both lives and property. In what will stand in infamy as a carte blanche double cross — giving riotous mobs permission to do whatever any way they chose to do it — the functionaries tacitly granted license to anti-capitalism anarchists to terrorize businesses and communities at will.

Ergo, a plethora of jobs and job opportunities went up in smoke — not only there but also in Chicago, Atlanta, Berkeley, Portland, Minneapolis and other “blue state” cities largely run by Democrats for the last half century. Unbelievably, several people are dead as a result of domestic terrorism run amok — with police officers targeted by uncivilized mobs who used George Floyd’s tragic death as an excuse for carnage.

Make no mistake, racism still rears its ugly head in abominable ways unfathomable to decent people everywhere, but demonstrated disrespect for law and order (and judicial due process) by the radicals engaged in the mayhem, by incompetent bureaucrats who yield the streets to terrorists, and by congressional revolutionaries (on both sides of the aisle) who abet it is a sacrilege undermining the very foundation of our culture.

Consider, attorneys general in Oregon, New York, California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington, Illinois and other sanctuaries are reluctant to hold the lawbreakers to account — withholding charges and releasing protesters shilly-shallingly jailed.

And Joe Biden’s staff? Clueless, they donated millions for the defense of criminals who neglected to read the road signs indicating which state they were entering.

But, let’s admit it. Much that we witnessed was politically driven and manipulated by CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and the Washington Post. Since the 2016 election and throughout most of the Obama presidency, their objective has been to keep the population at each other’s throats.

Hating your neighbor — pitting one against another — has been and still is the daily mantra dictating their intent.

Which demands this question. To what extent were the riotous acts tied to the goal of undoing the Trump presidency? Much of the mainstream media is promoting and condoning violent behavior — assuming that anything that might make the Trump administration look bad is favorable for the leftist vote in November.

Citizens — you and I — are merely collateral damage in the media-aided Democrat march toward a socialist utopia.

So, here’s where we are in the summer of 2020. If the Democrats win, the constitution and the bill of rights are going up in flames posthaste. Freedom of speech and religion and against unreasonable search and seizure will be history, as will the right to bear arms.

Is it any wonder that over 2 million rifles and handguns were sold — predominantly to first time purchasers — during the period in which the rioting occurred?

Which brings us back to the South Philly gun shop owner’s dilemma. It’s the same one facing all of us. If the police are limited from protecting people and possessions by spineless, duplicitous officeholders whose ideology contributes to the lawlessness, what option do we really have? Our fate rests in our own hands!

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