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Just about everyone speeds a little at some point. While a few mph over the limit isn’t right, it is more acceptable than going 35 mph or more over the limit.

Lately many Nebraskans probably have raised eyebrows after reading and hearing how much excessive speeding is happening across the state.

As the Nebraska State Patrol noted, troopers are seeing a dramatic increase in excessive speeding. In the two months since the first Directed Health Measures (DHMs) were issued, troopers have cited more than 200 motorists for driving more than 100 mph.

Between March 19 and May 18, Nebraska State Troopers issued 204 speeding citations for drivers traveling at more than 100 mph. Those citations have been issued in 26 counties — so it isn’t just in Omaha and Lincoln. During the same two-month time period in 2019, troopers issued 101 such citations.

“The increase in excessive speeding has been dramatic,” said Col. John Bolduc, superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol. “Those speeds are dangerous, especially as traffic volume increases. Our troopers have remained diligent during the pandemic and continue to patrol Nebraska roads.”

Despite what some people might claim, speeding isn’t a victimless crime. It results in accidents and countless near misses, causing stress that can ruin an outing.

If anyone has driven highways in Texas recently has noticed, there are hardly any law enforcement officers out patrolling. People drive pickups whatever speed they want, including many over 100 mph routinely.

If there would be a tire blow out or a rodent crossing the road, chances are higher for a major accident. In addition, these drivers often will tailgate on two-lane roads to try and get the drivers ahead to speed up when traffic is too busy to pass. It seems like aggressive driving and excessive speeding go hand in hand.

That type of driving seems to be happening more often in Nebraska. As the patrol noted, in the first 35 days since the first DHMs were issued, troopers issued 100 citations for speeding at 100 mph or more. It only took 25 days for troopers to find the next 100 such speeding violations.

So far in May, troopers have cited 80 speeders for traveling more than 100 mph. The most in any full month last year was 65, in May 2019.

“May is traditionally the start of the summer driving season and, even though circumstances are different this year, we expect to see traffic volume continue to increase across the state,” said Col. Bolduc. “We encourage all motorists to voluntarily comply with traffic safety laws.”

For those out driving this holiday weekend, try to leave a little earlier so there is no need for this aggressive driving and excessive speeding. If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for the other guy.

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