LITTLETON, Colo. — The writer in (Your View, May 8) is in error, in my opinion. The Second Amendment, along with the entire Constitution, gives no one any rights. Our rights are endowed by God. The Constitution merely spells some of them out and helps protect them.

People who wish to inflict pain, honor, and mayhem will do so whether permitless concealed carry laws exist or not, on whether we ban all guns or not. Remember 9/11? Nearly 3,000 killed. No guns used. Remember Timothy McViegh? Hundreds killed. No guns used.

At least two instances in recent history where people plowed their vehicles into crowds. No guns used. Constitutional carry laws will not impact them in the least, unless they choose to commit mayhem in the presence of a law-abiding citizen carrying a concealed weapon. Then their reign of terror is likely to be very short-lived.

The problem is not the guns. The problem is evil running rampant with no regard to any law.


Federal corrections inmate

In other news

NORFOLK — I cannot say how very distressed I and every one of your constituents are to hear that their loud and clear intent in passing a Voter ID amendment to our state Constitution is being subverted, thwarted, and indeed, even rendered IMPOTENT by the amendments to LB535!