NORFOLK — I would like to express my thanks to our local channel, ME-TV. They promised and followed through with the final episode of MASH on Nov. 11, which was Veterans Day.

It was a comedy, satire. My dad served in Korea until wounded. He had frost bite on his thumbs because he kept giving away his gloves. The weather was apparently like ours.

I watched my Mom, alone, with three young girls, maintain a home without fear. She worried, but did not let us live in fear.

I want to thank all the veterans and their families who served in whatever capacity to keep me and my family safe. They deserve this consideration all year. Thank you.



In other news

LINCOLN — The future of Nebraska’s corn industry is bright following the Senate’s recent passage of the much-anticipated trade agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada. The Nebraska Corn Board (NCB) and the Nebraska Corn Growers Association (NeCGA) issued statements regarding t…

ORCHARD — When I was a young man living on the East Coast during World War II, I can remember taking a wagon load of bottles in my little red wagon to the local store and getting 5 cents or 25 cents for bottles.

LINCOLN — I am a person with a disability and I am worried about LB147, “The Restraint Bill.” This bill could lead to the use of physical restraint on people like me. I am regularly left out, forced to struggle to meet my basic needs, treated poorly and face many other difficult situations. …

VERDIGRE — That was a great letter to the editor from LaNell Kumm (Jan. 8, 2020), ‘Country Of Origin Labeling’ is worthy topic. As a consumer, we feel it’s good to know where our meat supply comes from.

NORFOLK — God said He would preserve David’s throne forever (Genesis 49:22). The Father will give King David’s throne to His Son, Jesus Christ, who will sit on that throne, and will save all people who want to be saved and are willing to submit to His rule!

NORFOLK — Thank you to Rep. Jeff Fortenberry for his work on HR3104 Partnership for Peace Act 2019-2020. This bill attempts to address an appropriate response to the human rights of the Palestinians. It is important for me that the human rights of all people be a priority for Congress. The P…

NORFOLK — The Salvation Army this Christmas season, along with its usual “Toy, Food and Clothing Drive,” again collected pajamas for its program: “Warmth, Peace and Pajamas.” The goal was to put a warm pair of new pajamas on needy children in Norfolk who may otherwise go to bed cold.