NORFOLK — Regarding the recent presentation by Dr. Lee Merritt at the Norfolk Country Club: I must say that I was very disappointed not to read any coverage of this imminent front-line doctor on Nov. 16. This despite notifying the Daily News by both email and phone call! Well, let me just say that YOU MISSED AN IMPORTANT OPPORTUNITY TO INFORM AND SERVE YOUR READERS!

Dr. Merritt presented an impeccably researched and comprehensive talk on COVID-19 and the vaccines now being offered to the public. This was done to give Norfolk citizens food for thought in their decisions to either get the vaccines, give them to their children, wait awhile for more long-term data or refuse them altogether.

Dr. Merritt was brought to Norfolk by a newly formed group called Patriots United of Northeast Nebraska, who are dedicated to reclaiming and maintaining the Constitutional rights of our citizens and our state. We stress that while we have so-called “Anti Vaxers,” in our group, we also have many who have received or plan to receive the vaccine. Dr. Merritt addressed all concerns with the disease and the vaccine quite thoroughly and from the conversations I heard afterward, people were very happy they came and affirmed the presentation would help them make a good decision regarding these issues.

I say again, that we are not ANTI-VACCINE, but rather ANTI-MANDATES!

I personally have encountered numerous business people and just plain folks who were really put out that they did not know about this until hearing of it the next morning on the radio and television, and they demanded to know why it wasn’t advertised publicly, so Patriots United is planning to bring Dr. Merritt back to Norfolk after the new year, this time to a larger venue, we hope.

As we are grass-roots and unfunded at this time, we simply had to go with what we could afford. Everyone who attended was invited by members and friends. If folks would like to be sure of hearing Dr. Merritt next time, please attend the next meeting of The Convention of States, on Thursday, Dec. 2, Norfolk Public Library, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., or the next meeting of Patriots United at Harvest Church on Channel Road — usually from 6 to 7 p.m. every Tuesday (but we will not meet on Thanksgiving week.)

I certainly hope the Norfolk Daily News will again live up to its name and give its usual fair and unbiased coverage to Dr. Merritt’s next appearance. Her talks are most assuredly newsworthy!


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