OSMOND — Again, I tried to get in touch with Ben Sasse, who is supposed to be one of our senators of Nebraska. I write letters and get no response. I call his office and he is not available. I could and do believe, and so should you, he did not want to be bothered as he probably was too busy writing his books on our taxpayer dollars and time. How do people like him get by with this?

We elected him to office to do a job for us and what does he do? He messes around on our time and sits in a comfortable, private office and uses taxpayer dollars for paper materials and computers and email supplies to make extra money for himself. Then he collects a paycheck for absolutely nothing that he has done worthwhile for our country.

Someone said to me, "Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid for something you did not do?" I said, "Not me. My time at work has always been important to me to fill my obligation." This is just common sense.

Then upon getting his books done, he also gets paid for going out across our nation to get his book signing done. I am sure he expected an all-expense paid trip by us. He seems to not have to prove anything he does on our hard-earned money.

Just a little proof of what kind of man we have in Washington, D.C., is when Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing was held and it was Sasse’s turn to question him. Sasse had nothing positive to say to Kavanaugh. All Sasse could talk about was to run President Donald Trump into the ground. Sasse is more liberal, working along with Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler and Schiff. We elected him to work for us — not against us.

And now he knows he will be coming up for re-election. On radio, TV and newspapers, he is trying to turn everything around from what he was doing to make you believe he was working hard for us. One lie after another.

If any of you have been reading any of his so-called columns in the newspapers or seen him on TV, you can get you own opinion of him. When he replied in one earlier paper and said he did not know if he would even want to run again on a Republican ticket, or if he would just drop out. I believe, in my opinion, he would do best to drop out.

I really don’t want a liberal in there, but with him there’s not much difference. Sasse is for the money and not for you and Nebraska.

In other news

ORCHARD — When I was a young man living on the East Coast during World War II, I can remember taking a wagon load of bottles in my little red wagon to the local store and getting 5 cents or 25 cents for bottles.

LINCOLN — I am a person with a disability and I am worried about LB147, “The Restraint Bill.” This bill could lead to the use of physical restraint on people like me. I am regularly left out, forced to struggle to meet my basic needs, treated poorly and face many other difficult situations. …

VERDIGRE — That was a great letter to the editor from LaNell Kumm (Jan. 8, 2020), ‘Country Of Origin Labeling’ is worthy topic. As a consumer, we feel it’s good to know where our meat supply comes from.

NORFOLK — God said He would preserve David’s throne forever (Genesis 49:22). The Father will give King David’s throne to His Son, Jesus Christ, who will sit on that throne, and will save all people who want to be saved and are willing to submit to His rule!

NORFOLK — Thank you to Rep. Jeff Fortenberry for his work on HR3104 Partnership for Peace Act 2019-2020. This bill attempts to address an appropriate response to the human rights of the Palestinians. It is important for me that the human rights of all people be a priority for Congress. The P…

NORFOLK — The Salvation Army this Christmas season, along with its usual “Toy, Food and Clothing Drive,” again collected pajamas for its program: “Warmth, Peace and Pajamas.” The goal was to put a warm pair of new pajamas on needy children in Norfolk who may otherwise go to bed cold.