NORFOLK — To whom it may concern: In regards to the recall of the Phillips Dream Station CPAP machine, I have since contacted my doctor’s office, my former Durable Medical Equipment coverage provider, the one I thought was my current DME but says now they can’t be. I have contacted hospitals in Omaha, Lincoln, Phillips, another home health care company and then finally a clinic in Yankton. The nurse politely said, “If you have a current prescription, why don’t you just get it fulfilled at another company?”

I said, you are an angel. This makes the most sense of it all. So I call my doctor’s office and ask if this can be done. And yes, I even called Medicare and had a Medicare worker and my insurance on a conference call. They called Apria in Sioux City to see if they had received my prescription and all sleep disorder papers from American Home Patient, who was on the line as well. Apria said no. AMP said yes. They sent the paperwork. After the companies left the line, the Medicare worker said to me, maybe I should just have my doctor fax all this information to Apria. So a continued prescription is honored by Medicare and my insurance company as of June 2021 to go to ResMed for a new machine.

I call Apria and they tell me their higher ups cannot handle this situation and I need to go back to my former DME. I did Home Health Equipment for service and they said, “the same, return to your DME, that is where new machines will be distributed.” First I heard of this!

Today I went to American Home Patient. Well, call them. They won’t let anybody in the door. Shannon said we can’t help you. It’s up to Phillips Respironics. I said, don’t you have a replacement machine? She said I could buy one for $1,500.

So Dr. Christensen has me using a recalled machine and assures me that it is of minimal risk to me. Yet, this major company makes a worldwide statement recalling the machine?

I truly believe they will never replace them and they will go bankrupt. All of us trusting patients will become ill or never get a new machine.

Who is out there to listen to me, the patient? I don’t know the actual cost of a rental of a machine, but let’s say $500 per month with 2,000 patients in Norfolk. That is $10,000 somebody is pocketing and not wanting to give up, plus costs of supplies every six months.

I may be elderly now, but I am still smart and I am going to see that this letter gets to some people that need to hear about me and others while we are in “limbo.”


In other news

STANTON — The Convention of States Rally at the Capitol took place Sept 16. It saw the north steps of the Capitol in Lincoln awash in red, white and blue as patriots from all over Nebraska rallied to show their support of the Convention of States resolution, otherwise known as LR14.