LINCOLN — I have been a faithful supporter of Jeff Fortenberry since he was first elected in 2004. For the most part, his voting record has reflected both my views and the district at large.

But, frankly, over the years, as his seniority within Congress has grown, I have been disappointed he hasn’t taken more of a leadership role within his fellow congressmen. He consistently gets reelected with large margins and returns to Congress every two years, seemingly content with being part of the pack.

This fall, he was indicted for lying to the FBI. The Republican caucus stripped him of all his committee assignments, leaving our district no representation on any congressional committees.

He faces an uphill legal fight that will last for most of the year, from all reports. He has lost all his motions and appeals to date.

He recently filed for reelection. I’m hoping a conservative leader steps forward to challenge him. Our district deserves the chance to have a conservative leader who reflects Nebraska values on the ballot this fall.

Fortenberry has had 18 years. It’s somebody else’s turn.


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