ORCHARD — When I was a young man living on the East Coast during World War II, I can remember taking a wagon load of bottles in my little red wagon to the local store and getting 5 cents or 25 cents for bottles.

Later in my long life when I moved to Nebraska about 33 years ago, I was impressed by the beauty of the state. I know it is flat in some places, and the trees turning in the fall can’t come near to the ones in New England for color. But a lot of the beauty comes from the nice people who live here. Nebraska has a beauty of its own.

I have come to love this state in the 33 years I have been here. I love the clean water and the clean air.

I live 150 miles north of Omaha and I have heard for years how the people of this state love their sate and the clean water and air.

But there is one thing I don’t understand. Why we don’t have a statewide recycling program.

Do you really like your clean state? If so, why can’t you turn in your bottles (plastic and glass) and get back the same 5 cents and 25 cents that I received way beck in 1944 in Connecticut. The state government needs to address this and pass laws to make it happen.

Take a look at a bottle and look at the states that will give you money for the bottle or can. Does it make you think that maybe Nebraska is missing the boat in this area?

I will say one thing about this state. I don’t see many instances of bottles and cans being left in the roadsides. But that is not the problem. They are still ending up in our landfills.


In other news

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