ALLIANCE — I do have a concern about price gouging in the meat industry. But we need to blame the ones who took control of the prices. This is in response to President Biden’s write-up to attempt to reduce food prices.

The price gouging was done because the processing companies jacked up the prices, then they decrease the payout to the ranchers and farmers.

Utilizing the Packers and Stockyard Act and the Wholesome Meal Act created a monopoly that had allowed the manipulation of prices. I conducted research analyses and tried to get our federal and state representatives to fix the problems. They said they liked things the way it is. There could have been a simple governor executive order that could have fixed the issue. But they wanted to wait and do their own thing so they can have more control.

Sen. Tom Brewer did present a bill to allow state inspectors. But it lacks policies. It does not allow state-to-state sales or international sales. So you still have four corporate packing plants controlling 80% of the packing business in the U.S.

I joined the LMN Party to try and fix this failed system. Each state Legislature knows what needs to be done because I told them what needs to be done, but they have failed to act.


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