NORFOLK — President Joe Biden’s new OSHA rule requiring businesses to have their employees vaccinated against COVID is a dangerous overreach of federal power and opposed by Newsmax.

The new OSHA rule is set to go into effect Jan. 4, 2022. It will require businesses of 100 or more to have all employees fully vaccinated or undergo weekly testing.

The federal work rules are not good and probably illegal.

The Biden administration’s decision to implement an OSHA requirement is a dangerous overreach of federal power.

The federal government has never before mandated a vaccine for citizens across the country.

It is also important to remember no state has yet to require a COVID vaccine for its population.

Now the Biden administration is using authority intended for workplace safety to bypass the traditional governmental approach to health safety.

Here are some questions and concerns that should be addressed:

If this happens, then how many employees will lose their jobs in this community? What research has your staff completed on this issue? If not, is this a back-alley topic? And not to be covered within the news!

Does this community have an issue with the mandate order? Has this topic been reported in the local newspaper to some degree on the local level?


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