MADISON — I am an inmate (at the Madison County Jail) named Francis Wright. It’s been a long due issue (for years), but the last few weeks have been the worse I’ve seen. Not only in the mental health of inmates or the concern of inmates mental states, but the food situation is getting out of control. We write grievances.

I’ve written to the sheriff, the captain, etc... when is something gonna get done about the starvation going on in here? How long is it gonna be “getting worked on?” Tonight we got one sloppy joe sandwich, seven chips, a tiny piece of cake and three bites of corn. Take note our next meal is 14 hours away... Come breakfast I count 31 Fruit Loops on my tray. 31. They take pictures. OK, then what?

When can someone that has a voice of power do something because obviously our voices, complaints and grievances mean nothing. One of the officers that’s been here for years said, “your grievances don’t even make it to where you want them to go.” That tells me they get thrown away or taken as a joke. We need help in here. Someone please help us.

The sheriff came today while we got served lunch and breakfast. Of course, those trays had plenty of cereal, an extra slice of ham (we always get one thin slice but the sheriff was present so we got two).

Come supper, we get, of course, small portions. The vegetables at meal time have no nutritional value. The meat is the bottom of the barrel stuff, too much to ask for but what about the option to buy food that is already being served? (The extra food either gets thrown out or served to the three to four inmates that work in the kitchen.)

We get shorted so they can get their $20 bonus to get snacks, or coffee, hot sauce every week but we can’t even get a scoop of butter for the dry toast we get at breakfast, or salt and pepper.

The trays can’t cost any more than $2 a meal. Can we buy an extra scoop of the “main” extra piece of cake for a buck, since giving it with the meal anyway is just too much to ask for? This situation is ridiculous. Please help us.

A starving inmate,


In other news

NELIGH — I was very disappointed in the Norfolk Daily News’ report on the discussion of LB228 and LB230 at the Capitol recently (voting ID bills).

NORFOLK — In reference to articles published on Jan. 31 and Feb. 10, it was reported that the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District (LENRD) voted to “eliminate the study-recommended Battle Creek dam project.”