NORFOLK — My daughter, Connie, recently wrote this and sent it to me about the Nebraska Cornhusker football team. I thought it was worth sharing.

I’m not a football expert at all, but I know people.

I have seen almost every game this year and, despite the mistakes, despite the losses and, yes, despite some of the questionable actions of the coaching staff and players, I have noticed Husker fans have become more emotionally invested. I have witnessed the Nebraska Cornhuskers never just give up, even through all the media pressure and everyone and their dog calling for coach Scott Frost to be fired. During the last game against Ohio State, I watched a Nebraska team make one of the best college football programs sweat and curse.

I also observed on Twitter and social media platforms that Ohio State fans showed us a level of respect we deserve, or creating excuses as to why Ohio State was getting manhandled by our defense.

I observed an Ohio State coach offer respect to us and our coach.

I watched an Ohio State team genuinely struggling against a three-win team and at the end, I watched an Ohio State team embrace and congratulate the Huskers for an amazing game.

I am a bigger Frost supporter because whatever it is he is doing to the culture of the program, he is allowing the bonds between players to grow strong, He is allowing players to not just play for themselves but a team they want to give their all for.

I love the feeling and, to be honest, I have never been happier and prouder to be a Husker.


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