NORFOLK — My soul also is greatly troubled but you O Lord — how long. Psalm 6:3.

In pre-modern days, waiting was normal. Today, when we can send a message around the world in seconds, we can hardly abide waiting at all.

But in God’s spiritual economy, waiting is part of His plan. He has his reasons. (My ways are not His ways.) The psalmists often prayed, How long O Lord, Psalm 13:1. Get in balanced amounts came the exportation, Wait on the Lord.

When becoming impatient during a trial, remember you are not alone. God is with you, and His timing is perfect. When waiting commits your way to Him and trust Him for the answer.

We anticipate heaven, and that enables us to live above the world!

Repent and accept the pardon for your sins that Jesus Christ gave His life for you.


In other news

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