NORFOLK — Sometime in the last week of September, I filled with gas at the Cubby’s on South 81 in Norfolk. When I arrived home, there was a call from Cubby’s. Someone had found my wallet near the gas pumps.

I want to thank this person for their honesty. It restores my faith in mankind. The majority of the people are still honest enough to return a wallet without taking the credit cards or cash from it. I also appreciate the workers at Cubby’s for the call. I am truly grateful to all.

In other news

NORFOLK — In Matthew 24:7, Jesus warned that “famines, pestilence and earthquakes” would characterize the last days.

Editor’s note: The Daily News had sports reporters at three district cross country meets with many Northeast and North Central teams, but did not send a reporter to Omaha to cover Norfolk High School because of limited resources.