NORFOLK — To my dismay I read that our Legislature failed to sign on to the proposed Convention of States. This is something that needs to be done.

One of the reasons given for disapproval was that there were no guardrails. The leadership in Washington is out of control and shows no sign of holding back.

Citizens of the state of Nebraska, I submit to you that We The People of the United States of America are the guardrails! That is why Article 5 to the Constitution exists.


In other news

STUART — The Mead Ethanol calamity is a prime example that Nebraska must reorganize governmental agencies and put water protection under one umbrella. Nebraska has the most underground water of all 50 states, and we are failing miserably to protect it. In recent years, the Nebraska Departmen…

NORFOLK — When President Eisenhower proposed building a 41,000-mile “National System of Interstate and Defense Highways,” he was responding to the needs of the country at that time.

NORFOLK — I agree Black Lives Matter, but let’s take it a step further. All Lives Matter, but our current president, Joe Biden, wants to expand abortion. They call it choice. That little one didn’t ask to be conceived, but once they are, they have the right to live.

NORFOLK — I saw a commercial on TV a couple of weeks ago. I was kind of surprised how it went. I wanted to write this note right away, then decided to wait to see it again so I could describe it a little more, but I never saw it again. So I am going to guess it was taken off TV.

NORFOLK — No one could have prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic and perhaps no one has been impacted more than the residents, caregivers and families of nursing home residents.

Is your property tax bill going up yet again? Are you losing faith in our elected officials’ ability or desire to provide meaningful property tax relief?

NORFOLK — John 4:19: He who has seen me has seen the Father. When John baptized Jesus, He was baptized into the will of the Father. The two, Father and Son, can not be separated. They walk as one.

For more than a decade, the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) has recognized Alcohol Awareness Month by talking about moderate drinking and alcohol abuse. But, reflecting on the past year, “awareness” is not enough for health and well-being. This year, AMWA follows the lead of the …