NORFOLK — Ever hear of a dinner bell? Used many years ago to the present, it stood on the porch or yard. Mostly in a rural setting, it was rung mostly by women.

It called field workers or ranch workers into the house for meals. Or it rang when something of importance was happening. Never to be rung if not for a necessary reason. It could be heard from a long distance.

In cities, it would be a foreign object and serve no purpose. It’s sad in a way. That is why country people have different respect for the thrill of life. To be surrounded by the sounds and scent that seep into the bloodstream of the young and old. A condition that exists like no other.

Now you combine an old dinner bell with horse and saddle, grazing cattle, fields of corn and hay, meadows and larks, barn doors and windmills, butterflies and the call of nature that roams throughout the land. It’s a long list. Like mom’s roses that cling to a fence and sunflowers that hide behind the old cob shed.

Where the moon hesitates over the barn to get a closer look. Where children still sleep under grandma’s quilts. Where jars of garden goodies wait on shelves in the cellar. While most dinner bells are long gone, or maybe sitting in a barn somewhere with the farm and ranch tools of past generations lying nearby. Sleeping with the echoes of the past. A symphony conducted by God.


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