President Joe Biden promised that he would unify the country. And at times, he appears to be trying to do that but then is selective in what he discusses or omits relevant facts. The result is that he only continues the divisiveness he blames on former President Donald Trump.

Take his talk on the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. While President Biden briefly offered hope for unification, he also chastised the former president.

Part of his speech, as reported in the New York Times, included, “You can’t love your country only when you win. You can’t obey the law only when it’s convenient. You can’t be patriotic when you embrace and enable lies.”

These words may have frustrated some Republicans, who have waited patiently for months to hear interest among some federal politicians about bringing investigations into the hundreds of riots in 2020. Buildings were torched, billions of dollars in merchandise stolen and businesses damaged, all allegedly in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Who was responsible for all this destruction? Why are there still hardly any charges filed in the majority of these cases? When charges were filed, why were most of them dismissed? And yet there were more than 700 arrests at the Capitol?

President Biden had a great opportunity to unify by mentioning all of these riots. In the summer of 2020, millions of Americans saw their country coming apart, while for the most part, police didn’t show up or were ordered to stand back. Why? Shouldn’t that be investigated?

To focus on Jan. 6 ignores the federal buildings that were torched in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle. In fact, Portland has been repeatedly attacked by violent Antifa rioters. In July 2020, a mob set fires inside the fence protecting the courthouse, launched projectiles over it and even tried to take the building down. Again in March 2021, a security fence was removed and rioters broke glass and lit fires.

Little attention was paid to the violence that took place during Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. That’s when leftist demonstrators forced their way past law enforcement and breached police lines at both the Senate and the Supreme Court. Rioters stormed the steps and beat on the doors. Shortly before the Senate voted to confirm Kavanaugh, a mob took over a part of the Hart Senate Office Building.

Have there been calls for investigations into any of these riots? If President Biden truly is concerned, he would demand the select committee scrutinizing the causes of the Jan. 6 riot examine all these extremist actions.

Wrong is wrong, no matter what side is responsible. It is difficult to take seriously our leader’s call for unification when he and others are so one-sided.

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