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The Air Force needs you and no there isn't a draft going on. What they are looking for are people, military OR civilian, who would be willing to adopt some of their retired military working dogs.

Air Force officials at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland have released a news issue last month calling for help taking in their retired dogs. The Air Force stated that while of course there is lots of demand to adopt the puppies that didn’t make the cut for active duty, sadly there is significantly less interest in adopting the adult dogs – which are exceptionally trained by the way, and could easily rescue you from various dangerous situations or sniff out any nearby bombs your kids may have laid in wait for you.

As for the process; Interested potential dog owners are required to fill out paperwork and answer questions as to where the dog will live, and how it will be cared for. If you are interested in adopting a retired military working dog.  You can get in contact with officials at or call 210-671-6766

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