In case you haven't seen this: Two kids in Forest Lake, Minnesota used the family's doorbell cam to send messages to their dad, Major Peter DeCrans, who was posted in the Middle East.

The mom bought a Ring Doorbell thinking it would be a good way for her husband to keep an eye on the house. And then someone got the idea to have the kids stand in front of it and give updates. They did it almost every day.

The dad saw seven-year-old Zerick's new haircut, and his proud announcement that he just graduated from training wheels. He also got to see his five-year-old daughter Petroula wearing her princess tiara on her birthday.

Ring knew they had gold with this family, so they featured them in a blog post.

Major DeCrans said, quote, "[It] made me feel like I was always home . . . being able to see my kids' faces, what they were wearing, what my wife was wearing, seeing the neighbor kids coming to sell Girl Scout cookies and Christmas wreaths."

In other news

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