Baseball field too wet for the kids to play ball?  No problem -- just set it on fire to dry it out.

That was the genius plan attempted by some unidentified parents Saturday morning at Ridgefield, Connecticut's Governor Park.  That's where the Ridgefield High School baseball team plays.

How do you set a wet baseball diamond on fire?  The parents figured all they had to do was douse it in gasoline.  Which they did.

You don't need to be a chemistry major to understand why that won't work -- gas floats on top of water and certainly won't boil the water out of wet soil.  You also don't need to be terribly bright to understand why it's generally not a good idea to soak the ground with gasoline, period. 

While the parents got their fire (and an impressive one, too, judging by video tweeted by a local who was watching) all they wound up doing was, ironically, rendering the diamond completely unusable.

Not only that, but officials estimate it'll cost around $50,000 to excavate the gasoline-contaminated soil, test the surface, and bring in fresh dirt to repair the field.  All at taxpayer expense.

And in the meantime, the Ridgefield High School baseball team still doesn't have a home field on which to play.

Some small justice is possible -- local police say they're investigating to see if charges are merited.

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