Random Bangers: Join the insider's club!

Here's how the Bangers describe the show:

  • Andrea: Being apart of this “club” makes me feel better about the inappropriate reactions I have bc apparently I’m not alone. 🤣
  • Connie: Bangers is the 💣 diggitty!!!!!!💣💣💣
  • Dalton: Best thing I've done in awhile was join. F'ing hilarious and made some new friends.
  • Jeff: Best part of being a banger is getting the inside info early!! And we can be our own freaky sexy self!!
  • Jody: It's cheap fun!!
  • Lacey: I can have the worst day ever and as I'm leaving work, my phone rings and it's this random funny something or another from Abe. It can make me smile/laugh every time!!
  • Megan: It's like a weird fraternity, there's an initiation, a hazing period, everyone had a random nickname, not sure if it'll help you in society for the future but people do recognize you when you're at your job.
  • Michael: It’s the next best thing to making love to your wife.

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  • OG Banger: You've been listening to 106 KIX forever.
  • Dirty Banger: Your comments typically have to be edited. I love and appreciate your brutal honesty. Bring it!
  • Old School Banger: You prefer classic country music.
  • Cougar Banger: Mature female who knows how to keep it classy AND trashy.
  • Pop-In (or Poppin') Banger: You listen infrequently. Because, honestly you have better things to with your time.
  • Tasty Banger: You've got mad skills in the kitchen.
  • Silent Banger: You listen to the show but prefer to remain anonymous. 
  • Master Banger: Highly involved with the show. Phone calls, email, messaging, borderline stalker. You frequently contribute to the program in some way.

In other news

The miniskirt was recently named the most iconic fashion item of all time. What was #2?

It's our 9th biggest export. The U.S. exports more of this than corn, soybeans or gold.