What else can I say about Norfolk's Hottest Teacher? Oh, plenty:

  • E. Excellence: You always pour 100% into whatever you're doing. 
  • L. Loving: Your students notice your kindness every day.
  • I. Intelligent: You brain is full of creative ideas.
  • Z. Zest: You have spunk, spice and plenty of sass. Mmm.
  • A. Alluring: Need I say more?
  • B. Brilliant: Your ability to communicate artistically is fascinating.
  • E. Exciting: Your passion is contagious.
  • T. Tender: You genuinely care about other people, even strangers.
  • H. Heart-stopper: I don't care what your driver's license says, you're still a smokeshow.

Happy Birthday to my Sugar Mama. Smooch!

In other news

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