Abe's Top 5/Not Top 5 Local Restaurants

Abe's Top 5 in Norfolk:

  1. Aroma Circuit: Exceptional Indian food and perhaps the most unique menu in Northeast Nebraska. Most people either don't know it exist or are too scared to try it. Too bad because MY taste buds aren't racist. Plus, the Karma Lounge is an undiscovered gem when it comes to local nightlife atmosphere.
  2. El Rodeo: Absolute best bang for your buck. Get that burrito in my belly! Real Mexican food made by real Mexicans - Hola, Manuel! Order ahead for lunch or be prepared to wait. 
  3. Black Cow Fat Pig: Unfortunately, this place has slipped. Food is still decent but not what it used to be. However, Friday night live music creates one of the best dining atmospheres in town.
  4. Sakura: Whether it's sushi, a lunch special or the full blown hibachi dinner presentation - this is the place for Japanese. I'm still amazed and grateful that a sushi place has lasted this long in steak/beef country! 
  5. Napoli's: White. Cheese. Pizza. You're stupid if you haven't tried it. Lobster ravioli is killer too.

Abe's Not Top 5 in Norfolk:

  1. Barnstormer's: Multiple reasons it closed. Twice. I don't have 2 1/2 hours to eat lunch. Bummer too because it was a cool idea.
  2. Michael's Cantina: Bugs. Twice. Game over.
  3. Ricardo's: If I want cafeteria Mexican, I'll eat lunch at my kid's school.
  4. Big Red Keno: Bigger isn't better. I prefer quality not quantity.
  5. Panda Garden: There was a time when they would've been on my Top 5. Seriously lacking and slacking in many areas.

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