A relationship expert says you shouldn't date men in their 30s. Why? The majority of single guys in their 30s are single because of commitment issues. For more:

What summer time product has completely sold out? At one point, sales doubled every day for 10 days.

Because we eat it so often at our house, it's weird to me that other people have never tried venison (also known as "Bambi" meat). I also love FRESH fish. How do so many people hate seafood? Here's a short/long list of things I've tried:

A new survey looked at how many of us would be willing to wear a mask during different activities. 76% say they won't wear a mask while doing what?

And vice versa? I switched my wife's ringtone to "Back That Thang Up" by Juvenile (https://youtu.be/WpQrAbkM3dI) and she HATES it. On the flipside, she loves anything by Peter Cetera - I can't stand that dude's voice. Total cheesefest.

For 89% of adults, doing _______ positively impacts mental health by increasing feelings of relaxation and happiness.

The pandemic has been good for some married couples who have more time together. How often are married couples or people in committed long-term relationships having intimacy/relations/makin' sweet love?

What ONE word best labels who/what you are? Teacher, student, mother, father, farmer, doctor, Catholic, Lutheran, gay, straight, white, black, Mexican?

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