WalletHub released its annual list of the best states to live in based on affordability, safety, the economy, health, education and quality of life. What are the top three states to live in?

Dylan Bloom: The Right One. "Dirty D" also stops by the studio with an update on his plans for worldwide musical domination. Prepare your earholes...

More than half of Americans want to take a "bucket list" trip after the pandemic that they weren't considering before. What's the number one bucket list destination in America?

What's the most common "big" word we can't spell. (Clue: It's has more than five letters.)

An annual report just came out and lists the top things pharmacists recommend for different ailments. What do pharmacist recommend most for:

My second favorite moment of The Backyard Bonanza Giveaway (watch the video)...

See you Monday, Beautiful. Also, what happened while I was gone?!

Could we live to see the 22nd century? Researchers think the human body might have the ability to live to 150 years old. For more:

More than 37 million Americans are traveling this Memorial Day weekend. If you're going somewhere, check your pockets because we'll lose an estimated $_____ million worth of stuff while we're on the road.

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