Netherlands exchange student, Mano describes his personal experiences on the highly intriguing audio series "Living in America"!

While under arrest in the rear of a police car, a handcuffed Florida couple removed their clothes and began having sex, an encounter that eventually was interrupted when a sheriff’s deputy “opened the door to stop them,” according to an arrest report.

A woman recently shared a story about how she got her husband a DNA kit only to find out they were first cousins. And now she says it's, quote, "poisoning" the marriage. "His parents have been married for 30 years.. . he will not talk about this to me, we are sleeping in separate rooms, and …

It's Friday the 13th and there's a full moon tonight. How many years before that happens again?

TNWL is a community-wide day of service where followers of Jesus from every denomination and creed join together to serve side-by-side to demonstrate the love of Christ to our city. Our dream is that as we lay down some of our differences and take up loving projects of all kinds around the c…

Nebraska is the 9th happiest state in America. A new study looks at 31 different factors, like hours worked vs. income, commute times, life expectancy, depression rates, how much sleep people get and how nice the weather is. For more:

According to new research, people sleep better when they have one of these in their bedroom.

The CDC issued an urgent alert telling Americans to stop vaping immediately.  There have been approximately 450 cases of a mysterious lung disease reported in 33 states, with at least five deaths tied to vaping. For more:

1. How Cheap Is Your Mattress?: