Driving Laws

OMAHA - Are you going on a road trip this summer? If so and you’re traveling through multiple states, be aware of varying traffic laws.

According to Rose White, Public Affairs Director for Triple A, it’s important to know the rules of the road before heading out on a multi-state drive adventure.

"Currently 19 states ban handheld cellphone use while driving. Forty-five states adopted primary enforcement texting while driving bans for all drivers. Nebraska is one of only three states which includes South Dakota and Ohio that adopted a secondary enforcement law. It's very important to remember these texting laws and cellphone laws will be enforced as you visit other states."

White says Move Over laws have been adopted in all 50 states, and some have heavy fines of up to $500 for violation of the law.

She says you should also be aware of signs along the road, especially when entering a new state as they’ll likely talk about the traffic laws of that particular state.

You can learn more by visiting the Triple A Digest of Motor Laws website at DrivingLaws.AAA.Com.

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