Mosquitoes and Ticks

OMAHA - Summer is here and that means you’ll have to watch out for mosquitoes and ticks.

According to Creighton University Entomologist Dr. Ted Burk, it’ll be a bad year for mosquitoes.

"Mosquitoes breed really well in little temporary pools and we've got those all over the place due to the recent flood and rain. That doesn't necessarily mean we'll have a lot of disease, but last year we led the country in West Nile so it's always good to be careful."

Burk encourages you to get rid of standing water around your house because that will drastically help control the population.

He says to also check yourself and your pets for ticks.

Burk says with both mosquitoes and ticks, wear long clothing, tuck everything in, avoid walking under brush, and wear repellent with at least 20 percent DEET.

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