Tom Osborne in Stanton

STANTON - Legendary former Nebraska football coach Tom Osborne was in Stanton Thursday to talk about and promote his Teammates Mentoring Program.

The Stanton Teammates Chapter hosted the luncheon along with other surrounding chapters.

Osborne said this past year 10,400 kids in 170 school districts throughout Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Kansas were mentored.

Also this past year Osborne said 700 kids from Teammates graduated high school and the graduation rate was 95 percent compared to the national average which is in the mid 80’s.

He said being a mentor is very important, not just for the kids, but for yourself.

"When we say we're serving 10,000 kids, we're really serving 20,000 people because the mentors are also growing from this experience. A lot of parents and grandparents have told me they didn't realize how important it was to sit and listen and really understand what's going on in this young person's life."

Osborne said kids are 65 percent more likely to go to college if they have a mentor.

For more information or to sign up to be a mentor go to Teammates.Org.

In other news

NORFOLK - Former Speaker of the Nebraska Legislature Mike Flood announced his candidacy for election to the Legislature in District 19, representing all of Madison County and a portion of northwest Stanton County.