American Red Cross

NORFOLK - The American Red Cross has issued an emergency need for all blood types.

Communications Manager Samantha Pollard says right now the Red Cross has less than a three-day supply on hand when a five-day supply is needed.

Pollard says unfortunately this is a usual occurrence this time of year.

"No matter what we try - I mean we had a great turnout for our Missing Types Campaign we saw a lot of new donors come in, but this time of year July hits and it's always a challenge. We see a huge decline in the number of people that come in. It's the height of summer, people are traveling, they're out of the office, and their schools are out."

Pollard says medical emergencies and critical treatments don’t stop for holiday celebrations, and patients depend on lifesaving blood transfusions every day.

She says a person can donate blood every 56 days and is encouraged to do so.

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