Antelope County

NELIGH - Two Antelope County commissioners are facing a recall effort after allegations of mismanagement of funds, misappropriation of tax dollars and mistreatment of officials.

According to the Antelope County News, recall affidavits were filed at 10:30 a.m. Monday at the courthouse in Neligh against newly elected Chairman Tom Borer and Commissioner Allan Bentley. Both took office in January.

Each commissioner has 20 days to respond to the recall after being notified, and then the petitioners may begin collecting signatures toward a potential recall election.

According to state statute, after the commissioners submit their response statement, petitioners have 30 days to collect signatures of registered voters in the specific districts.

Petitioners must collect signatures of 35-percent of the number of votes cast for the person receiving the most votes for such office in the last general election, which is 203 signatures for Borer and 135 signatures for Bentley.

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