President Trump stopped in Iowa on Tuesday

COUNCIL BLUFFS - POET CEO Jeff Broin met with President Trump Tuesday during a visit with rural leaders in Iowa.

The event was a chance to celebrate the Trump administration’s recent final rule allowing year-round E15 sales.

POET is the world largest ethanol producer, operating 30 state-of-the-art facilities in eight states, including eight in Iowa.

POET CEO Broin says the meeting provided an opportunity to thank the President for following through on a campaign promise.

"We are really thankful that President Trump kept his campaign promise to help rural America and to help biofules. This announcement is very positive for all of us living in the Midwest and even in the United States. As well as thanking the president, I would really to thank our champions, Governor (Kim) Reynolds, Senator (Chuck) Grassley, and Senator (Joni) Ernst."

Broin adds consumers are going to see more choices at the pump, a lower price higher octane fuel, and cleaner air in their city.

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