Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality

LINCOLN - Farmers or those living by a river most likely had or still have some sand to deal with from the flood back in March.

Land Management Division Administrator for the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, Dave Haldeman says there are some options for removing sand.

Haldeman says one potential option would be to push it back into the river.

"That would require a permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. They have restrictions that would apply, but if you contact them you can explore those options on a case by case basis and find out what they would allow and what restrictions they would have."

To apply for the permit, Haldeman says to call the Corps at (402) 896-0896.

He says you can also see if a local road department or landfill may want the sand.

Haldeman says before you consider those options, make sure the sand isn’t contaminated.

In other news

All attempts at fixing the property tax disaster in Nebraska have failed again.  Everyone seems to supports property tax cuts but fear their special program will not be funded is taxes are reduced.