"The Mind Inside"

NORFOLK - The need for mental and behavioral health resources for students was one of the topics discussed by Jenni Benson, President of the Nebraska State Education Association.

Benson tells News Talk WJAG mental and behavioral health is a popular talking point right now, and Nebraska needs to be pro-active on the issue instead of reacting to a tragedy.

Benson says she was pleased LB-619 introduced by Omaha Sen. Rick Kolowski was approved.

She says the legislation prohibits the denial of coverage for mental health services delivered in a school.

"Sometimes there are services out there, but it's very difficult to access those services. So just having someone have a go-between, looking at social workers, looking at community based partners are also very good ways that we are working to help."

Benson adds the best way to see what the needs are throughout the state is by actually visiting one on one with the different stakeholders, families, and educators.

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