NSEA President Jenni Benson

NORFOLK - The president of the Nebraska State Education Association made a stop in Norfolk Tuesday to meet with area teachers.

Jenni Benson discussed with News Talk WJAG some education and public schools issues affecting the community.

Benson says property taxes and state aid are still a hot topic of discussion after the Nebraska Legislature failed to pass any property tax relief.

She says they have been working with a number of coalitions on how to keep schools well-funded, but also making sure the burden isn’t on property taxes.

"We've been working with a group called Nebraskans United, we do a lot of things across areas in agriculture, business, schools - everyone has a stake in talking about how we do this better. I think the biggest thing we need to remember is our children are our biggest investment and how do we make sure we are giving the resources we need to community schools across Nebraska."

Benson adds she’d rather have lawmakers resolve the property tax issue over it being passed in a ballot initiative.

She says you need to replace the revenue that would be missing by reducing property taxes.

Benson represents the state’s 28,000 public school teachers.

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