Norfolk Police Division

NORFOLK - Two dangerous dogs in Norfolk were taken off of the street last Wednesday.

According to Norfolk Police Division Captain Mike Bauer, they received several calls about the two Husky dogs running at large in northern Norfolk.

Initially, officers were unable to catch the dogs, but were able to identify them and their owners.

The two Husky’s had previously been declared as “dangerous dogs” for attacking and killing a smaller dog in November of 2018.

During the time that officers were searching for the dogs, they attacked and killed two additional smaller dogs.

Officers were able to stop and catch one of them with the use of a Taser but the other had to be euthanized.

The owner of them was identified as Kathy Wik of Norfolk.

The incident is under investigation and a citation enforcement action is expected against the owner.

Norfolk City Ordinance 4-36 outlines restrictions on dangerous dogs and consequences of subsequent attacks.

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