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LINCOLN - The new 90 day legislative session in Lincoln is coming up quickly and the Nebraska State Chamber of Commerce and Industry is preparing on what they will focus on.

Chamber President Bryan Slone tells News Talk WJAG one of their priorities will be tax relief and economic competitiveness

Slone says they will support efforts to lower Nebraska’s highest individual income tax rate as well as initiative to harmonize the top corporate tax rate with that of the individual income tax.

He says another priority is workforce development. They will support policies and programs aimed at growing, educating, and improving Nebraska’s workforce.

Slone says overall he has more reason for optimism this session than ones in the past.

"Having talked with all of the existing senators over the summer and having met most of the newly elected senators I think the common theme in all of these discussions is a desire to get some things done that will make Nebraska more economically competitive. I think we have a Speaker in the legislature who fully intends to move things as best he can this year."         

The new session begins January 9th.

In other news

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - A voter-approved law to expand Medicaid in Nebraska is quietly taking shape as the state prepares to extend health coverage to an estimated 90,000 recipients, but key challenges still must be resolved and officials haven't set a firm date to start enrolling people.